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I was only 19 years old when that happened, it was a normal day in my family house, my father and I were chopping down wooden logs, it was middle of summer and the heat was overwhelming, my father finally stopped working when village chief walked up to us, the older man turned toward my father, "There are some reporting a of strange activity on the nearby graveyard, can you check this out?" Chief asked.

My father shook his head, "I think it's not possible, I'm getting older and running was never my strong point so if something is there then I wouldn't escape." Hearing that the village chief sighed and started to walk away, not thinking too much I said, "I will do it." Both my father and chief looked at me with wide eyes, after a moment of silence village chief started to laugh.

"I knew that you will say that boy, your father did the same long time ago." My eyes widened and I started to jump overly excited, it was dawn when I grabbed the oil lamp and sword then I walked in the direction of the graveyard, when I finally get there it was already night so dark that the only light is coming from my lamp, a orange flame burned inside the glass fueled by oil illuminating everything within five meters from where i 'am.

I was slowly moving between the tombstones carefully so to not accidentally damage them, everything went smoothly until I noticed something in the dark, I shivered when a pair of red glowing eyes looked at me, I would mistake them with an animal if not the flames coming out from the eyes, suddenly the eyes disappeared as quickly as the appeared sending chill down my spine.

I decided to go back home when I heard footsteps approaching me very fast, I started to run fearing for my life, it didn't took long for this thing to caught up with me, I pulled out my sword and slashed at the thing but it hit my sword with its paw and shattered my sword into pieces, before I could react the thing jumped at me and I closed my eyes preparing for my end.

When my back hit the floor the only thing I had left to do was to pray for a quick death, then I felt two soft things pressing against my chest, confused I opened my eyes, thanks to the light the lamp was giving off I could see the thing that attacked me, it was a mamono with nearly black skin and black fur, her beast-like hands are covered in fur that is reaching to her shoulders where fur ended in a crowns of red fur, her legs are covered in black fur from her wolf-like feet to her knees, behind her a black and red furry tail is wagging happily, she also have some thick red fur reaching from around her neck to the valley between her breasts.

She have long black hair, black wolf ears on top of her head and a very slim figure with big and round breasts, her breasts are covered with very revealing black bikini top, around her neck is a corral with skull shape on it and her lower region is covered with a thong slightly darker than her skin, she must have noticed me starring at her body because she smirked and before I reacted she grabbed my hands and placed them on her perfectly round butt.

I grabbed it and my fingers slowly sink in her soft flesh, she softly moaned and stared down at me then she slowly opened her mouth, "What's your name human?" She asked in a kind voice, I was seriously surprised by her question but I answered, "Adam...and your?" She leaned dangerously close to my face, "Mahatama but as my husband you can call me Tama." I sighed in relieve at first but then I repeated her words in my mind and paled.

"Did you...just called me your...husband?" She laughed at my question and started to touch my chest with her hands, "That's right, do you think I would sit like that on anyone?" She asked, I felt my cheeks burning up as me gaze once more inspected her body, then I felt penis getting a erection and I paled, I prayed to every god I know for help but it was futile, Tama wanted to say something but the bulge in my pants touched her stomach, she looked at me and smirked.

"That will save me some time." I was confused but then I saw my belt and pants on the ground near me, "How did you...?!" I asked her angrily but she silenced me half way by kissing me aggressively on the lips, I felt her soft paw massaging my penis through the fabric of my underwear, at first I tried to resist but soon I realized it was futile...I didn't even knew if I want to run away from her, her body was so soft, her fur so warm...she was simply too beautiful to resist her.

Slowly my hands moved to her back and pulled her closer to me, before I noticed I was kissing her back, our tongues were fighting for domination and I succeed few times but only for a little while, she slowly pulled off from the kiss leaving a trail of saliva connecting our lips, she sat up on my waist with a lustful smile on her face, "I was right to wait for you." She said and I looked at her in confusion, I wanted to ask what she mean by the but she began to talk once more.

"One time I saw you in forest and I decided that you will become my husband, the only thing I had to do was convince village chief and your father so that you will come here." I was shocked by her words, my own father handed me over to her...not like I'm complaining right now, I watched as she pulled down my underwear and then hers, she took my manhood and guided it to her entrance.

She lowered herself taking all my length in one go, I let out a very loud moan and she looked into my eyes very pleased, I looked down at the place we're connected and saw a small amount of blood at her entrance, she giggled and placed her hands on my stomach before she started to move up and down causing me to moan louder with each thrust inside her, her movement became violent and I knew who will be dominating in this relationship.

This continued for an hour before I felt myself coming closer to the limit, she probably felt that because she leaned down and kissed me passionately as her movement became even faster than before, no longer than few seconds later I exploded painting her insides white, she probably reached her own limit as she let out a long and very loud moan, she fall down on top of my chest and sighed happily, not having any strength left I fall asleep with Tama cuddling to me.

One week later...

Tama forced me to come with her at the morning just when I wake up, I tried to protest but it didn't go too well...she forced me to cum few more times inside her and when I didn't have strength to fight she picked me up and carried me to her cave.

Right now I'm sitting in a cave near the campfire while Tama is hunting, when I told her that I can do that she went crazy, she started to list all the things that could happen to me with most of them nearly impossible, I sighed as I watched the fire slowly swaying in all directions, then I heard Tama humming a song unknown to me but I liked it because her voice is so beautiful.

I turned toward her and smiled, she returned the smile before sitting between my legs with her back pressed to my chest, she let out a sigh and turned her head slightly toward me, "Darling...let's make a child." She said in a sweet voice, before I know she already pushed me to the ground, we went at it for at least five hours before I lost consciousness.

Two years later...

After begging for several days Tama finally agreed to return with me to my family house, Tama gave birth and she is pregnant once's already fourth month already, in my arms our daughter is sleeping wearing a white summer dress, Tama named her Auri after her(Tama) grandmother, we were near my house when we heard a commotion inside.

Upon walking up to the window we saw village chief sitting on the chair with my mother yelling at him, "It's all your fault! Why did you forced him to going there?!" The village chief looked uneasily around and began to speak, "He wanted to go himself..." My mother slammed her fist on the table before screaming, "Shut up!"

I decided to stop this, I slowly walked up to the doors and knocked few times careful not to wake Auri up, The door slowly opened and my father stood in the doorway, "How can" My father nearly collapsed upon seeing me, he wanted to say something but nothing came out from his mouth.

"I'm back father...and as you can see I have a small surprise." I said calmly, Tama walked up to my side, soon after my mother walked behind my father and tried to take a look, when she finally succeed her eyes widened from shock, when they finally recovered they let me and Tama inside, we catch up with everything that happened through this two years, my mother hold Auri in her arms.

I told them that I would like to live here together with Tama and they agreed, now few years have passed from that day, Auri is seven years old and I have three more daughters thanks to 'stress relieve' that Tama was giving me nearly every night.

Looking back at the day I meet her I can say one thing for sure…I would never change my decision back then.


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