My name is Eric, I have short black hair, peach colored skin, green eyes and trained body, not too much but my muscles are still clearly visible, I'm a soldier of The least I was to this moment, me and few other knights were send to deal with a small monster village, it didn't took long before we get there as we arrived the sun was high above us, we stormed into the village and that's when everything went to hell.

They were expecting us, just when we walked past the gate it closed and several mamono attacked us, we split up and engaged in several fights, I wasn't going to be killed so I rushed at the nearest enemy, it was a woman crimson hair reaching past her waist that dance on the wind like a fire, a tanned skin and yellow eyes, her body is incredible slim and attractive but also showed that she can't be treat lightly in combat, she was simple beautiful.

I looked closely at her and noticed her monster traits, she has two dark red lizard ears, her legs were covered in red scales from her knees to her dragon-like feet, the same goes to her arms which are covered from her clawed hands to her elbows, being her I saw a long lizard tail covered in flames, in her left hand is a large broadsword with very sharp blade.

She wears a very revealing scale armor, her lower part is covered with black bikini, her thighs near her waist are covered with three large red scales wrapped to her thighs with red leather stripes, she has a bra made from red scales holding onto her with strings tied up behind her back and leather straps connected to the leather collar around her neck, her shoulders are shielded with large red scales.

Upon seeing her I tightly gripped my sword with both hands and swing at her neck, to my great surprise she stepped aside, spin around and hit my side with her tail sending me flying into the nearby house through the window, upon falling onto the wooden floor inside the house I just lay there recovering from the shock, few seconds later I stand up and jumped through the broken window.

She smirked at me, "Do you like my house?" She asked pissing me off, "Shut up you beast, I won't be killed by someone like you!" I shouted in anger and rushed at her, she does the same and we clashed swords with each other, after few seconds we break apart, I swinged at her side but she blocked it with her sword, she redirected the force of my swing aside and slashed at my arm, I felt strength leaving my body but there wasn't any wound.

I paid it no mind as I was doing my best to kill this monster, we traded blows for several minutes, right now I'm standing above that woman with sword ready to end her life, she have bruises and wounds all over her body, the flame on her tail was dancing uncontrollably, her sword didn't wound me but her punches and tail do, my body is aching from pain and blood is pouring out from the wound on my right eyes that she gave me with her scaled fist.

I was expecting the look of hatred but she peace, she looked into my eyes and smiled, "End my life if you want, you defeated me so you have all rights to do it my love." Her words caused me to lower my sword a little but then I remembered that she was a monster and that was probably her trick to lower my guard, I closed my eyes and bring my sword down, I heard it stab something and I fall to my knees, I began to sob but I didn't know why.

Then I felt something touch my right cheek, I opened my eyes and saw that woman smiling gently at me, I looked at my sword and I saw that it was stabbed into earth next to her head, I wanted to say something but I felt something hitting my head from behind, the time slowed down to me and I saw her looking at me in fear, when I hit the ground my vision blurred, then I heard someone shouting, "Don't hurt him!" Then everything turned black.

When I wake up I found myself looking into darkness, I tried to sit up but something pushed my down, "Please don't move, everything's fine." This voice was definitely female I didn't complain because if she was a monster then I would be dead...right, "Where are the others?" I asked, after few seconds she answered, "They're fine, they are currently with they wife's." I sighed in relieve but then something came to me, "Wait...they don't have wife's!"

I quickly sat up before she could stop me, I reached to my face and I felt bandages wrapped around my head covering me eyes, I wanted to bring take them off but she grabbed my hands, "D-don't do that!" She was very strong but she couldn't stop me, when bandages were gone I could only open my left eye, then I saw that lizard woman from before, I also noticed that it was morning, the woman crawled onto the bed and closer toward my face.

I tried to grab my sword but it wasn't there, she gave me a concerned look, "Are you...alright?" She asked, I tried to get a hold of what's happening here, "Why you didn't kill me?" I asked to which she looked at me like I was stupid, "You're silly, why would I kill you my love, if you would die then who would be the father of my children." Hearing that I tried to move away from her but my back pressed to the wall, "W-what?" It was too much to me, she grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and placed me back down onto the bed.

She crawled on top of me and with one swift move of her claws ripped my pants to pieces, then she lowered myself at my manhood, not longer than hour later it was over, she wasn't too fierce but also not too gentle but I enjoyed it any way, currently she is laying on top of my with a smile on her face, "What's your name, mine is Eric." I said, she looked at my and giggled, "Frederica, I'm sorry for jumping on you so suddenly but it was stronger than me."

I smiled at her and petted her head, "Don't apologize, it's not like I didn't enjoy that I know that everything they teached me about was a lie I can't go back to them." After hearing my words she embraced me and I returned the gesture, "You don't have to worry Eric, I will be the best wife you would ever have." She said in a gentle tone, "I trust you on that but you all should move this village further north, The Order camp is only few hours from here." Frederica looked at me, "That would be the best."

It only took a two weeks for villager to pack everything and move to the snowy mountains on the north where now the new village is hidden, thanks to few gnomes that were living in this village we can grow vegetables and fruits in the cave where snow and cold can't enter, the main part of the village is surrounded with wooden wall and houses are build from stone and wood for roofs.

Its been two years now that I'm living together with Frederica, right now I'm sitting on the arm chair near the fireplace reading a book, "Once again you're sitting here my love." Came the gentle voice of my wife, she walked up to me and sat on my laps, "That's the best place to read." I replied and set the book on the table nearby before embracing her, she didn't changed at all through this two years except her dressing style that's more modest during day.

She wears a red shirt with long sleeves and black skirt, "You're right...the fire is warm... just like you." She said with a smile and cuddled closer to me, after few moments of sitting in silence she yelp from surprise and sat straight on my laps, I giggled slightly, "She kicked again?" I said and placed my hands on her pregnant stomach, she looked at me and pouted...very cute in my opinion, "Well she is your daughter so its obvious."

I started to laugh, "She rather have it after you, just remember how we met." She smiled and once more cuddled to me, we just sat there in silence before Frederica finally stand up, she walked into the hallway and looked at me, "Would you join me in the bath?" She asked with a hint of lust in her voice, it only took me few seconds to stand up and I was already at her side, she lead me to the bathroom upstairs where we pleasured each other for hours.