• Themasterofantics

    This is an idea I had on making MGE fans and theorists dig deeper into the knowledge of Monster Girls from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia series.

    Ever since Monster Girl Encyclopedia existed, I’ve always wanted to know realistic stuff that not everybody else would think to know about our favorite man-loving monsters; like what truly is mana, how many pounds of pressure can a Lamia Squeeze, what is a slime’s Slime truly made of, what kind of aphrodisiac chemicals do Alraune’s fragrances contain, or how many pound of Prisoner Fruit would a woman eat until she becomes a Succubus?  It’s nice that they have traits that make them great at Sex, but I just think we should dig deeper. That is why I created this poster to remind ourselves that.

    We all …

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  • Themasterofantics

    Here is my first blog.

    Here is the story of what Markiplier, Myskerm, and Lordminion777 said on a live stream, except I made the werecats into the four werecat species from Monster Girl Encyclopedia.

    I dont own Markiplier, Bob or Wade. if i did i would have them pole dance while eating chicken, Lol.

    Warning Spoilers, Rape (not), and Wade bashing ;P

    Enjoy ''J

    Lake House, home, in the Catskills in New York, Upstate, sort of…

    The Trio Mark (Markiplier), Bob (Myskerm) and Wade (Lordminion777) were up late in their cabin, taking a vacation from making videos. Suddenly they heard the terrifying sound of the Catscales which are xylophones for cats. The trio didn’t bring cats with them so when they heard the catscales, they new they were in trouble.


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