Preface: Thank you to all the people who commented on my pilot chapter! I know, it was a weak introduction to the story, and just got straight to smut right away, but I hope this chapter brings a bit more clarity to it. The setting and exposition are vague because of how the story is unfolding, so it will start to make sense as you read further. Once again, please give feedback on what you think should be done differently or kept the same. If you want it to be less lewd, please tell me (I know that the pilot may have been overkill). Thanks all!

Warning: This story is NSFW.


When Blake awoke, he faltered for just a bit as to what had happened previously, and whether it was real or not. He found that he was still quite powerless, but more so in a sense of how tired he was from relaxation, and not that of exhaustion. This eased his mind a little, though he was much in the same physical state as he was during his... intimate moment.

He felt that he could move a slight bit more than before, but felt a moistness coving almost his entire body. His senses started to return to him, and he felt the viscosity of the liquid in his ears dripping out. His mind found a strange giddiness to his realization that it wasn’t a dream, that it all happened. Unless, he was still in the dream?

Where am I? Blake finally found the will to open his eyes against the easy feeling of having them shut. Still quite half-lidded, he could make out a blurred candlelight not too far from him, dimly illuminating a dark room.

The headrest that he had earlier had been replaced by a pillow, it seemed. He felt the ground beneath him, and while he could make out the smooth texture of slabbed stone, it was surprisingly warm to the touch.

Before he could examine the room even further, a shuffling to his left broke the silence. The small amount of light allowed him to see a silhouette of a person carefully moving over to him. Peculiar horns protruded from the head paired with a slim body, besides a very large chest.

“Oh, you’re awake. I hope you had a good rest. I was worried we had hurt you.”

That voice... the voice of the velvety woman. Was it real?

Blake was able to faintly whisper, “Is... this a... a dream?”

The woman giggled. “Dreamy as it all me be, I am very much real.” She leaned in then and kissed his cheek once, proving that her words were true.

“It’s... really dark,” Blake tried to look around. “Where am I? Who are you?”

She got up and left for a moment before returning with the lit candle. “Sorry about that, we don’t have too much to use for light in here.”

Blake’s eyes widened a bit more as he saw her more clearly. Short locks of white and grey casted over her face, save for her shorter bangs that revealed large, sky-blue eyes. Smooth and supple skin exposed her from her shoulders down to her waist, while the same white and grey coat covered her hoofed legs, as well as her cow-like ears and swishing tail. Blake blushed as he saw that she was only wearing a loose crop-tie and cutoff jean shorts.

“A... a Holstaurus...” Blake stuttered, trying not to ogle at her mammaries.

“Yep.” She crawled over him before gently setting herself him in front of his manhood, which was gradually growing with every second. Blake really wished he had something to cover himself up with, and the embarrassment was increasing twice as fast as his arousal. The Holstaurus sprawled onto him playfully. Blake held back a scream of pain as the she laid on top of him. She quickly gasped and lifted herself off him.

“I’m so sorry! I forgot you were hurt!” She hesitated as she leaned over him, not knowing what to do.

He looked down at himself and finally understood why he couldn’t move.

Blake’s whole body was covered in wounds and scars, seemingly in any way imaginable. He had cuts in his chest and legs, each about a centimeter wide and at least several long. He had brandishes and burns on his arms and chest, each one marked in different sizes. Long, deep scars from lashings striped his body, from his collarbone to his thighs. Not to mention the blue and purple bruises splotching his skin from torn muscles and his blistered wrists from iron manacles.

All of the pain started to grow now that he was aware of the damage his body had taken. Blake groaned in agony as it all intensified, shutting his eyes tight and wincing.

He cried out again but was interrupted by a waterskin to his mouth. He opened his eyes to drink when he saw that it wasn’t a bota bag, but one of the Holstaurus’s voluptuous breasts, her crop-tie having been removed. Blushing as he drank from it, the pain started to null. Feeling better the more he suckled, Blake kept her bosom to his mouth, drinking her milk like an infant. The cow-girl’s arms wrapped around him as he drank, cradling him gently and holding her breast up to him.

Her warm and sweet milk made Blake very tired again, and also quite horny, his arousal having reached its peak. After what seemed to be hours for him, he finally let go of her nipple, a few drops of milk still dribbling down his chin.

“I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced yet. My name is Thalia,” She said quite alluringly.

“B-Blake...” He said, giving a sheepish grin.

“Well Blake, I know you’re in a lot of pain, and that you suffered greatly. I want you to just relax for me, and if there’s anything you want, just ask.”

Blake gulped. Anything...? With such a beautiful Mamono like Thalia, it was hard for him to hold his tongue from asking anything degrading of her. “I... I’m really confused... I don’t remember what happened with... with this,” He gestured to his scarred and beaten body. “Where am I?”

Thalia still had him cradled in her arms affectionately, moving a hand to caress his cheek. “You’re in a cave right now. We’re actually right under the pathway of a steam geyser. The hot springs are quite nice.” Thalia looked at him with genuine concern in her large orbs, holding the limp human in her arms. “I found you crumpled in a clearing of the forest, all bloody and barely alive. I brought you here to Metella to see if she could help you. You were in a coma for a few days, until you finally awoke yesterday.”

“I... I can’t remember...” Blake was now quite scared of his lack of memory. A lump formed in his throat as he held back tears. Everything that happened, all of the wounds he received, were now just an empty space in his memory.

Thalia hugged him tightly, pressing his face into her bosom as she consoled him. “It’s okay, Blake. You’re going to be alright. Metella has been trying to search for your memories, and I’m sure she’ll find them.”

Blake found her reassuring voice and her sweet embrace to be quite comforting, sighing into her breasts silently.

“I don’t know much about medicine or healing, but I do know that focusing on what pleases you helps you ignore the pain. That and milk, of course,” She kissed the top of of his head, still holding him tightly. All the while, Blake was thankful that she didn’t see his flushed face being pressed up against her.

After letting go of him, Blake blinked away the tears before they could fall, trying to change the subject. “Metella... is she the one that was with you and me yesterday?”

“Yes. She’s a Mindflayer, which allowed her to help... ease your mind.”

Blake shuddered as he remembered the godly experience. “That would make sense... and she’s been looking through my mind to find my memories?”

Thalia nodded. A spark of hope grew in Blake. If a Mindflayer like Metella was able to give him such heavenly bliss, then she must be powerful enough to help recover what he could not recall.

“Now, let me help you with that,” Thalia then laid back down on him with her face right in front of his member.

“Uh, Thalia... I’m no sure if-”

“Hush now, Blake,” She batted her eyes rather seductively. “Just focus on me. If there’s anything I know, it’s that pleasure is the best anesthetic.”

Blake didn’t have time to reply before the Holstaur started by licking him from base to tip, her cow tongue a bit larger than a human’s, but seemingly much more sloppy.

Blake couldn’t help but moan, his senses going off like fireworks as the feeling of lukewarm saliva washed over his shaft. Thalia kept the slow, sensual pace for a few minutes before taking him all into her mouth and bobbing her head with an easy rhythm.

“Oh... T-Thalia...” Blake didn’t need to hold on to anything, as he was completely powerless to the Holstaurus’s movements, which seemed to make the situation even more pleasurable. He started panting as he moaned, his tongue slightly hanging out of his mouth.

Thalia giggled as she gradually sped up. “I’m starting to taste it... absolutely delicious...”

Blake stared into the cow-girl’s beautiful eyes as she worked him, both gazing at each other to see the other’s reactions. Thalia sucked just a bit harder before deepthroating him, to which Blake let out a much longer moan, practically crying out to her. “Thalia... I-I’m feeling it!”

He recognized her velvety hands starting to fondle him as she sucked her hardest in preparation. Blake yelled in his moans as he blasted out into Thalia’s mouth, which blissfully gulped down his load until the very last drop. She opened her mouth wide for him to get the eye candy of her swallowing it all, her tongue still connecting strings of saliva to his lubricated member.

One thing was for sure: Thalia was right about the anesthetic.