Preface: This is my first time actually writing a fan fiction and sharing it with other people. I’m not sure how to format this for Wikia or anything, so the layout might look weird. Depending on the feedback that I get, I might continue the storyline as a series, but for now, it’s really just a pilot to see how you guys like it. No matter what comments, PLEASE give feedback! I really appreciate anything from the reader’s perspective. I hope you enjoy!

Warning: This story is NSFW.


Blake stirred ever so faintly as his eyelids barely opened. He felt so weak as he tried to sit up from laying flat on his back, save for the slight incline he had to rest his head on, which felt strangely soft and damp.

Is... is my head bleeding...? He attempted to lift his head, but was too weak to even do so. It was at this that a soft, feminine voice spoke out to him. “Shhh... try to relax... you’re much too wounded to even lift a finger.” The object under his head shifted slightly.

Blake opened his lips to speak, only to be replaced by a pained croak. He shut his eyes as he winced; his throat was so dry. He felt something caress his forehead, like a strange, slimy hand. He was too tired to try and comprehend what it was, what was going on. He then heard another voice, also a woman’s, as well as some shifting to his left.

“Here, drink this,” the voice said. Blake felt something being brought to his mouth, like a waterskin, only much more blunt and smooth. He feebly drank from it, having to put in some effort to suck it from the end. The liquid inside was warm and sweet, putting his mind into a much more eased state. So... good...

Blake kept drinking from it until he was sated, swooning as he relaxed against the strange headrest. He felt the hand caress his cheek before being brought to his right ear, as well as an identical-feeling one cupping his left. He noticed that the fingers felt much more cupped than a person’s hands would usually feel, as well as how moist and sticky they were. His thoughts were soon interrupted by a viscous fluid being poured into his ears from the wet, slimy hands.

Blake panicked and felt an urge to struggle, but his body was almost completely limp. His resistance faded a split second later, however, as a wave of euphoria rushed into his head. He sighed blissfully as he relinquished his fear, feeling and listening to the fluid sloshing in his ears. He failed to notice his arousal growing from the intense sensations, as well as his lack of clothing covering it. The pleasure in his mind was so strong.

“That’s it, let go of your thoughts. Only focus on the feeling...” The voices were quite muffled from the amount of liquid blocking his eardrums, but he made out the women’s voices. Blake nodded weakly as more and more waves of ecstasy washed over him.

This is so nice... let me stay like this... the pleasure increased abruptly as Blake felt almost velvet-like hands gently hold his manhood and start to move them up and down slowly. The bliss was sending him over the edge.

He heard half-muted moans from the women after a while, and while he started to come to the realization of what was happening, he brushed it off casually. Whatever these ladies were doing, he wanted it wholeheartedly now.

Blake felt the hands on his member getting much wetter as he faintly noticed his very pleasured release. His voice started to come back as he hoarsely started moaning, ignoring the raspiness in his throat. With his eyes closed and his lips forming a smile every so lightly, it almost felt like sleeping, but with a sloppy, euphoric fog pooling into his mind and outputting from his oozing arousal, leaking all over his thighs and stomach. He felt like he was melting, his thoughts being replaced by an increased desire for more.

Blake whimpered softly as the ecstasy was continuously brought to newer heights, wishing his body wasn’t limp so he could contort and scream and rub his flowing spunk all over himself. He was, without a doubt, going mad with bliss. The woman who was giving him her lovely handiwork seemed to understand what he wanted, and started to massage his waist and chest with his warm and thick release, letting out much louder moans now. He then felt the other woman’s wet lips on his, kissing him with enough passion and lust to light up a thousand suns. He conceded his will to hers submissively, letting her explore his mouth with her curiously sweet tongue, still grasping his ears and giving him her maddening fluids of euphoria.

“Mmmm... your mind is... loving... live... forever... wounds...” Blake was fading in and out of consciousness, the libido he was dancing with starting to make him pass out. The sloppy kiss, the pleasuring fluids, the shameless and wet massage, it was all too much for him to bear at once.

As he finally blacked out, he hoped with all of his might that this wasn’t just a wet dream. He hoped that, when he regained consciousness, he would be able to feel this good one more time...