The day started out normal enough.  I say “day” but I can’t tell when the sun is up or down from in her underground “Home”. 

We were in her bed chambers, with all the fancy decour and red silk sheets you’d expect, she had her arms warpped around me and was snoring softly. The feeling of being the little-spoon was novel at least.

It was the morning right after she’d dragged me to her home, which is apparently an underground cave system, and branded me with her symbol to keep others of her kind from taking me away.

I briefly entertainedu the idea of trying to sneak out of bed and explore my new residence alone, but quickly filed that plan under the “Suicidal” category. I’d learned after the beartrap and car incident that agitating my new partner was a bad idea. 

I tried to roll over and face her, but she suddenly squeezed tighter until her barely covered chest was pressed up against me. She buried her face into the hair on the back of my head and inhaled deeply, “Mmmm, good morning Love, how are you feeling?” Her tone suddenly shifted from sultry to concerned, “Your brand isn’t bothering you anymore is it?”

“I- It’s fine now, but how did you know I was awake?”, I tried to keep my tone even, but talking casualy with her was going to take some getting use to after all of those unsettling nights.

“I can could hear your heartbeat and breathing change tempo Darling, one of the many perks of being a nosferatu.”, she shifted herself around until she was straddling me and we could face each other. She was in some very risque satin-black lingerie that made her bust all the more prominent. I must have had my jaw hanging open along with the blushing I felt considering her visible effort to not start laughing. “Oh Darling, you look absolutely adorable~ Is it really that much of a shock for you?”

“I’ve never been good around pretty women, especially not when they’re as aggressive as you.”

“Oohh, don’t you worry”, she leaned forward and interlocked our fingers, “I’m sure you can handle one little vampire.”

I was going to point out that she was in fact taller than me and try to shrink away from the sudden lust, but opted for a different tact, “I can barely handle one, can’t even imagine what would happen if you started sharing me around with your friends.” The effect was instantaneous, her mouth went from a lustful grin to a harsh frown and her eyes narrowed in suspicion. 

“Don’t get any ideas or wild fantasies into that head of yours. I may have been lenient with you so far, but I want to make something absolutely clear.“, I was starting to see that my comment was a less-than optimal idea and could practically feel the malice in her next words, “You are mine, my property, and I do not share what is rare and within my possession.”

I almost cringed at the reminder that I had effectively lost all of my rights before composing myself and responding, “U- Understood… Mistress.”

The last part seemed to mollify her, if only a little, “Hmm, well, so long as we understand each other.” She, thankfully, got off of my waist and swung her legs over the side of the bed and got up, but grabbed my wrist and dragged me along with her. I tried my best not to stare at the two perfect globes of her scantily clad and pert ass. “Come along now, let’s go take our evening shower.”

At least I knew what time of day it was now.