The vampire was still hovering over me, her full ruby-red lips in a slight pout from having been interrupted. Our faces were only a couple of inches apart, her fangs fully extended now, I'd panicked from the inevitability of another bite and my mind had latched on to the first thing that had popped into my head.

"I said I want a kiss tonight; If you would be so kind.", I silently realized I had never learned her name but tried to focus my attention on gauging her reaction and was more than a little disconcerted as I saw her face split into a too-wide smile, fangs on full display. Before I can say anything else she wraps her arms around me and smashes our lips together in a fierce kiss. Her lips were soft as they looked and tasted surprisingly sweet, I managed to keep her from shoving her tongue down my throat when she ran her fingers through my hair and brought me in deeper. 

A few seconds later we separated with a "pop", me being the only one us left breathing deeply afterward.

“Sorry, sorry Darling.”, she says a little huskily and clearly flustered from her own forwardness, “It appears that I may have gotten a little overjoyed.” Licking my lips tentatively I can feel her lipstick smeared against my own mouth. And after regaining a bit of my breath I manage to speak.

“I thought you might be angry…”, I said tentatively. She chuckles little before answering me.

“Now why would I be angry? Have I not made my affection for you plain enough?”, she leans in close to me and says almost huskily, “I wasn’t teasing when I said ‘I may be falling for you.’”.

“Ha ha, I guess not.”, I can feel the blood rushing to my cheeks as I try to sit-up, but she promptly pushes back down as soon as I try.

“Ah ah ah; that kiss was very gratifying, more than I would be willing to admit to anyone else, but I need your blood.”, her irises flash a dangerous red and I try to back further into the pillow beneath me to no avail. She leans forward and whispers softly, “Tilt your head to the side, baby.”

I shudder lightly as I feel her fangs sink into my soft neck.