I’ve been pacing for the past thirty minutes, just trying to think of my next move. Sure I expected that mamono might try to find me but never on this scale, and even with the thousands of people on social media it’s nothing compared to their numbers. Shit, I can’t even think straight with all the thoughts in my head, there are too many things to consider, too many ways to go about this but I don’t have time. Ok let’s see, this mamono is probably in Canada as well, why else would she care, i’m also going to limit my search to the more populated areas of Canada for now, so i’m not going to be investigating Nunavut or the Yukon. Suddenly I get a text from my friend James “Hey dude, me and mark are going out to drink, wanna come?” Yeah man sounds good, meet me outside my apartment”. This is exactly what I need, have some time with my friends and relax, it’ll be a good way to shake my nerves.

I’ve been waiting outside for about two minutes when I see james and mark. James Is a small guy, about 5’4 with blonde hair, he may not look like much but he’s actually a professional boxer and trust me when I say that he hits hard. James on the other hand is like a mountain, he’s 6’5 and 280 pounds but he’s too nice to actually hit anyone plus he’s a kindergarten teacher so he has to be nice.

“Hey man what’s up” james says

“Oh nothing much just doing the same old”

“Same old” mark  replies “You mean holding up in your home most of the time with that massive pile of cash you sleep on?” he smirks

“SHHHHHH, you never know when a Tanuki is around”

“Alright no reason to freak out”

We head off in the direction of the nearest bar “Ye old whore”, charming isn’t it?,  We get in and quickly order some drinks and food. “So” mark starts “You guys hear about all that stuff mamono are trying to make illegal?” I quickly put my drink down “What” “Oh yeah” he continues “Whistles, tranquilizers, traps and so on, I mean they have so much on their side and yet they’re trying to take away what little means we have to fight back” This isn’t good, I sell these things and they make up a bulk of my sales “How is it looking” I ask nervously “well luckily I don’t think it’s going anywhere, even though all mamono support it almost no humans do and that’s what matters. Plus with all the shit they started no one really likes it when they try to act like victims.” Oh thanks god, I don’t think I could handle something like that happening. “But still, the fact they have a voice is concerning” James adds “I mean so many people died because of them and they started so much trouble, who cares about them?” I forgot about james’ feeling towards mamono, when it all first started his whole family were coming back from a trip from Europe and they were all on the plane the pilots were both knocked unconscious from the same thing that hit me. The plane sadly crashed and ever since then James hasn’t been the same

“Oh my, that’s rather rude, grouping us all up like that”

“What wha-”

Out of nowhere a demon and two succubi appear right beside our table

“I think most of us are just understood, if you three wouldn’t mind com-”

“No” James says flatly

“Oh come on, you’ll have so much fun”

“I said no”

The demon huffs, then smiles “So have any of you meat sticks heard of “The Maker”

“Yeah I think so” I say. I can’t let them see how nervous I am

“Well we have been asking every guy if they might know everything, we know how much men like...secrets. We’re willing to giv-”

In one fluid motion james reaches into his pocket and pulls out a bruiser. It’s a gun like weapon that uses special chemicals fused with magic that can only harm mamono, it’s illegal to have in every province except ontario “You can leave now, or never, your call”

The demon huffs “Fine, be that way, just know this isn’t the last you’ve seen of us, her and the two succubi leave the bar without another word. “Hey Tony” I jump a little at the sudden mention of my name “Yeah?” “You and Mark go on ahead, i’ll pay for everything just get out of here” I’m about to protect when Mark grabs my arm “It’s for the best we go” and like that me and Mark leave to bar while James stays behind for some unknown reason.

“So what was that about?” I ask

“You know how much Mark hates mamono”

“Well I wouldn’t say hate and where did he get the bruiser?”

“Let’s call a spade a spade Tony, well long story short he’s had some dealing with-” he looks around and whispers “Humanity as one”

I nearly double over “T-the terror group, is he insane. Forget about being raped he’s gonna get the chair”

“I know, I tried talking him out of it but it’s no use, at the very least he said if he’s ever caught he won’t ever speak our names”

“As if we had any ties with them?”

“Yeah, well either way this is my stop, later Tony” He walks into the train station as he waves goodbye.

Shit, this was supposed to relax me but now i’m even worse than before. James is getting friendly with a terror group, i’m being hunted by possibly thousands of rape happy mamono and those mamono from earlier are probably stalking me at this very moment. After 25 minutes of walking I arrive at my building and enter the lobby, right before I enter one of the workers, a nice kikimora calls me out.

“Oh Tony you got mail, I didn’t know you had these connections”

“Connections” I chuckle “What do you mean”

“Here, take it, i’ve got other stuff to do so have a good evening”

She’s a nice girl, plus she’s a kikimora and they’re incredibly easy to deal with. I take a look at the front of the letter and my blood goes cold, it’s from the C.M.R.B (Canadian mamono relations bureau). They work directly with lilim and high ranking monster officials and the only reason why they would contact a person would be well I actually don’t know why they would contact someone, from what i’ve heard they are very secretive. The entire ride up is spent in a cold sweat, have I been found out? Are they going to blackmail me? Feed me to an Ushi-Oni, the possibilities are endless. I finally make it to my apartment and I quickly close the door, I grab a knife and slowly open the letter.

Dear Tony seasons, over the course of these past months we have noticed you and those around you” Oh god here it comes “Mark sanchez” Wait, mark? “has been seen his suspicious activity over these past few months and we have reason to believe that he’s in contact with a terror group known as “Humanity as one”. We are worried that if he is part of this group then he could pose a threat to mamono within the city. We have scheduled an appointment for you to meet with an associate of our’s tomorrow at 2:00Pm, if you do not come we will assume you are part of the terror group and a warrant for your arrest will be put out, thank you and have a nice day.

-Sincerely your friendly neighborhood demoness

P.S We have your phone lines tapped so any attempt to warn Mr Sanchez will be caught”

Oh shit, OH SHIT. I can’t believe that- wait Mark? I thought Mark Said James was part of the terror group, was he lying? Possibly trying to cover his own ass? Whatever the reason it looks like i’m part of this mess. God damn it, i’ve got my own worries and the last place I want to be is in the C.M.R.B, even though they won’t know i’m the maker i’m still going to be on their radar and it’s going to make things even harder for me. Oh well, there isn’t much I can do about it now, might as well go on and see how bad it’s gotten. Ah shit, it’s got over 100,000 mamono now and there are thousands of profiles although much to my relief mine hasn’t been updated or anything.

Its then that it hits me, no one knows i’m the maker, so I wonder if I have a profile. I type in my name, it takes me a few minutes to prepare myself just in case. I click search and to my relief i’m not there. While there are other Tony Seasons they aren’t in Toronto...wait, there’s another page “Oh shit”. It can’t possibly be me right? Right? I click the next page, and to my utter horror there I am, my face, city and other information in the profile

“Tony seasons,



Past lovers:Unknown




Hair color:Black

Eye color:brown



Tony is a kind man, currently living in a modern apartment building a majority of his life is a mystery, his hobbies, friends, family, all of it is unknown. But I do know this man is clever, armed with special weapons made by “The Maker” but he does have a weakness, fluff and lots of it. A weresheep or yeti would easily get it, happy hunting girls

Submitted by:Anonymous”

I have no clue where they got that fluffy part from but the fact that some mamono has made a profile of me proves that I am in fact being hunted. Unfortunately I cannot check when the profile was made but i’m going to assume it was recentally. Shit, one thing after another, they just keep coming and coming. But no matter what happens i’ll have to keep moving forwards. With those final thoughts I make my way to the workshop to make a new tool, one that will change the game forever.