I’ve been dreading this day ever since I got the letter, i’m now standing in front of the Mamono embassy, which is the largest embassy i’ve ever seen. It’s 24 stories tall, and it looks like any other office building, if you take away the multi-colored glass panels that cover the building, the giant statue of a couple having sex the the dick shaped satellite of the root .I take a few deep breaths as I try to keep my composure, just remember they can smell fear...probably. With these thoughts I stroll in and make my way to the front desk, as mamono eye me the whole way there, making just 15 seconds feel like an eternity. There’s a Shoggoth, she gives me a warm smile as I walk up. I’ve never really felt comfortable around Sho goths, although I can’t really figure out why.

“Hello sir, is there anything I can do for you” I hand her the letter

“Oh yes, Mr seasons I heard you were coming in today, please go out those doors, turn right and wait in the first room on the left, they will call for you when they’re ready”

She points towards a set of doors, I nod and thanks her as I go through the doors

“He won’t last long” The Shoggoth chuckled as she went back to work.

I found the room and took a seat in the corner and hope it doesn’t take to long because last thing I want is to be left in a secluded room with one exit and no one is sight to help is a mamono tried to proactively date me.

As soon as I think I’m fine a dark elf sits down beside me. Of all the mamono out there it had to be a dark elf, my least favorite mamono be far, mainly because I don’t have “that” fetish and they way they treat their husbands scare me.

“Hey there handsome, what are you doing here”

I’m tempted to take off the ring containing my crystal, but that would just make things worse.

“Oh come on, I won’t bite, unless you like that kind of  thing” She smiles lewdly

“I’m here for an appointment” I’ll make it quick and clean

“Oh really?” she puts a hand on my knee “What kind of appointment, we have so many kinds here, you lose track on them”

Kill me “No clue, I just got a letter and was told to come here”

“And come you did” Her hand tries to creep up my thigh

“Oh Hello Mr Seasons, come this way”

At first I was relieved to hear my name and the dark elf was less than happy and she made her displeasure clear as she walked away as she swayed her hips alluringly.

My savior was a yeti, as white as snow and as happy looking as a kobold in a candy store,

“Hey Tony,  don’t mind if I call you Tony right”



“Ok Miranda, so where we going?”

“Oh we’re going to the top floor”

“Seriously? Who am I talking to? A lilim or something, from what I know only the most powerful mamono are on the top floor”

She just smiles “Please follow me”

I follow her to an elevator, as soon as we get in she puts a card in a slot and we start going up. Normally i’d be worried about being in an elevator alone with a mamono, but it’s just a yeti, they aren’t aggressive. Although the entire way up she was eyeing me, as if she was appraising me, it’s then I remember my “Profile” and I get a cold sweat. There’s no way they looked up my profile, right? The elevator opens and we walk out, and of course there’s a couple having sex on the couch, diplomatic business i’m sure.

Miranda leads me through a couple more rooms and brings me outside some gold doors.

“I’m not meeting a dragon am I?

“Of course not, in fact you’ve already met this women, so you should be more comfortable right?”

I’ve met her? I can’t think of any mamono I’ve met that would be this high up. She opens the door “Oh miss Carol, Mr Seasons is here” “Oh Thanks you Miranda, please take a seat”

Miranda takes her seat and motions me to sit beside her and against my better judgement I do.

“So mister Seasons, i’m sure you are wondering why i’ve called you here”

“I do, but the very least you can do is turn your seat around so I can see you, apparently we’ve met and i’d like to see who you are” I wonder who it could be

“Oh fine, I suppose who do need to build trust” She turns her swivel chair and to say the least, i;m surprised. It’s that demon, the one from the bar that I went to with James and Mark.

“I...Uh...what” I can’t really form any words.

“I can see you’re surprised, I guess I should explain. My name Is Carol, I’ll keep my last name to myself. As you already know Mark Sanchez is being suspected of being a part of the terror organization known as “Humanity as one” and if he is part of the organization he will need to be apprehended as soon as possible. Of course you will be compensated for your work.

“Listen Mark is my friend, he has been for years, let me talk to him”

“No, there is too much at stake” She motions to some documents “and i’m sure you don’t want these getting out” she hands me the documents.

I eye them suspiciously as I look them over “How did you” I say, she just smiles. These documents contain all the information from my “Business” all the money, shipments and much more.

“Now I don’t know why these things are there and as far as we are concerned you aren’t doing anything illegal, but i’m sure if this was made public some certain mamono would find this interesting”

Shit, does she know i’m the maker? She must know, why else would she show me, if this gets out i’ll be put on every mamono’s radar in the country and I can’t let this “Catcher” find me out before I find her out and that device i’m making needs all my focus. I can’t let this information get out.

“While I don’t care how you make your money so long as it’s not illegal, the council thinks this is a good way to keep you in line”

“What do you need me to do” I say reluctantly

“Oh not much, we are going to wiretap you every time you go out with Mr Sanchez, so you better start making plans with him. Furthermore you will answer directly to me, anything that could be considered to be a lie will result in your immediate arrest and seizure of your assets”

“I understand, is that all you wanted to tell me?”

“Not quite, you see, have you ever studied the human mamono relations act?

“Yes, most of it”

“Good, well I don’t know if you are aware about it but right here it states that single men who earn a certain amount of money have to house a mamono, she point to Miranda”

“Please no, this can’t be legal, you need my consent”

She chuckles “Honey we’re mamono, we don’t need consent”

Miranda then hugs my arm. “Please take care of me” she says with puppy dog eyes.

How cliche, Carol hands me more documents that prove what she’s saying and she hands me more documents that state that Miranda will be staying with me for at least a year starting next week.

“Listen, I can’t do this, I’m a busy man and I can’t take care of her”

“Oh really, care to elaborate?”

“I have a business to take care of, it’s very time consuming”

“Care to tell me what you do in this business”

I carefully pick my next words “Innovation, it revolves around innovation”

She cocks an eyebrow “Okay, I get it, you don’t want to talk about it. But regardless of what you say she is going to be staying with you, so get used to it”

I sigh as I realize there is no getting out of this “Fine” I relent “But give me a week to prepare, you know, clean things up and make it more mamono friendly”

Carol eyes me suspiciously, but seems to be happy she “convinced” me “Okay, i’ll give you a week, so long as Miranda thinks it’s okay” She gestures to Miranda

“OKAY” She says immediately as she clamps around my arm even harder than before, i’m actually worried she’ll cut the blood flow to my arm.

“Ok then, Mr Seasons, you have one week to get your home ready” She gets up “Oh, and if I were you, i’d get some extra sheets” She winks then gestures for Miranda to follow her. Miranda gives my arm one last hug, kisses me on the cheeks then skips off towards Carol as they both exit the room.

I’m just left sitting there, wondering how this all went south so quickly. I don’t know how much time passes but eventually someone puts their hand on my shoulder. I look up and see it’s the shoggoth.

“Things didn’t go according to plan?” She smirks

“Nothing ever goes according to plan it seems”

She laughs “Ha, I know what you mean. But look on the bright side”

“The bright side being?”

“You could have got an Ushi-oni, or a Cheshire cat”

I shudder “Fair point, so I’m assuming you want me to leave?”

She nods “Yes, somehow I think it’d be better if you got to cleaning up your place, you wouldn’t want them to find anything related to your “Business”

“Wait what” I was about to probe her further but she just disappeared, i’d go find her but she’s right, I should prepare.

I quickly get out of the embassy and get in my car. The first thing I have to do when I get back is start securing the door to my workshop, worst case scenario she finds it and figures out who I really am, in which case i'm figuratively and literally fucked.

I quickly get home, probably breaking a few laws on the way, but luckily there are no cops around. I burst through the the lobby doors, much to the surprise of the Kikimora at the reception desk, she said something but with all the things going through my head I didn’t hear what she said. I went into the elevator, rode it to my floor and ran to my door, quickly getting inside and locking the door and closing the blinds. I quickly go to my workshop, as I open the door I see everything I have built, all the tools, machines that help me build, the chemicals and magic items and everything in between. Then there’s my soon to be masterpiece, the pinnacle of my work, I call it the “Canceler”. It’s technology is like a bruiser, a mix of magic and machine that only affects mamono. But this is something on a whole different level, it can cancel the special abilities of mamono. Now it can’t cancel things like strength or intelligence, those come naturally, but things like teleportation or hypnosis are different.

For example, take a Cheshire cat’s teleportation, once believed to be a natural ability but it’s actually accessed through a neural link between parts of the brain and the various parts of the mamono’s body. But with the “Canceler” I could disable the Cheshire’s teleportation or a Gazers hypnosis or a Siren's song. Of course in theory anyway, I have yet to test it since it’s such a dangerous thing to test. Anything could happen, I could permanently sever their abilities, harm or even kill them, so I have to make sure it’s perfect. Then there’s my cork board that shows any leads towards “The Catcher” that has stayed blank until now. As I go through some thoughts in my head I decide that it won’t be blank anymore, I put up the logo of the C.M.R.B as well as Carol and their Shoggoth worker, the one who left my those strange words.

I’ve made progress, albeit small progress. But for now I should focus on securing the door, and preparing for Miranda’s arrival. I never imagined i’d let a mamono into my home, even if I am being forced, i’ll need to get used to it. Oh well, I can’t change it for now, so i’ll prepare and bide my time, if i’m lucky she might mess up and give me a reason to kick her out. But first I better read the entire Human mamomo relations act, just to be sure there aren’t any more things that might surprise me.

Although I have to wonder if they are my enemy or not, I suppose time will tell.