Hello its me, yourboyblue. I'm new to this site but that's not the point of this post, the point of this post is that I am going to be making my own fanfiction soon. Just some quick details about it so you can see if you're interested or not, you might have guessed from the title that this fanfiction will be about our world and the MGE world colliding. 

Before you ask this is not going to be a self insert fanfiction, the only this i have in commom with the MC (Jackson Miller) is that I live in the same country. This fanfiction won't have much smut as i'm not interested in making it that way but rather I want to make an actual story with characters that you can enjoy.

But I also want to make this a community thing, so at the end of every new chapter please leave a comment telling me about something you want whether you want to see a new monster girl or have a chapter dedicated to a character just tell me whatever and if it gets enough requests then I will be sure to put it in. 

So before I make the first chapter I was wondering if there was anything anyone wanted to see in the first chapter, so if there is anything you want to see in the first chapter whether it be a lot of backstory, a monster girl etc just leave a comment. I hope to make a lot of chapters for this but I don't have a release schedule so if I haven't posted in a while don't worry, if I do plan on ending the series i'll let you guys know.

So I hope you all look forward to this because I sure am, i'll see you guys in the first chapter.