Hello everyone its me, just letting you know that this is the first part in my series. I hope you all enjoy it and tell me what you think.

My name is Jackson miller and i've never been popular, or liked for that matter. I have a long story to tell but I suppose it would be best to tell you a bit about myself before I start. I am seventeen years old and I live in High prairie Alberta, growing up I never had any real friends, thats because I was the guy who just sat in the back and stayed quiet. Its not like I intended for me to be like that forever it's just that the years went by and I never felt the need to change. My parents died when I was fourteen and a day before my birthday no less and with their deaths they left me with an incredible sum of money both in the bank and from their life insurance. I have no other family in Canada, the rest of my family lives in Russia, all I know is that one day my father and mother left Russia with a one year old me and fled to Canada and whenever I asked why he always said "when you're older you'll understand". Well dad im older and still don't understand...for the most part, from letters I found in my dad's office my family was involved in crime and I suppose he wanted a better life for us so he took about five or so million dollars and fled to Canada.

I don't have a job or anything, with all the money I have I don't need to work, so I just go to school and play video games and go camping. Oh and I hunt as well, it's something that I can just unwind and relax while doing. Also you remember how I said my dad was a criminal back in Russia? Well a week after he died I got a call from some Russian sounding bastard demanding I fork over all my money and assets or he'll come kill me and of course I said no and no one came, odds are they don't have anyone in Canada so i'm safe...probably.

I decided to go camping and do some hunting during the weekend to unwind from the stress so I grabbed my remington model 783 and some ammo and set out for the woods. About an hour in and I already set up my camp and went hunting. "Ah shit, I forgot my pillow" I said with a sigh "oh well i've got a bag and clothes so that'll do. I didn't kill anything the first day so I had dinner after a few hours and went to bed but I couldn't help but feel like someone or something was watching me, I had run into some hunters but I don't think that was quite it so with those thoughts in my head I went to sleep"

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS" I woke up in a rage as I saw all my food has been eaten "How did this happen" I thought "The coolers have locked, no animal could have opened it and if one had I would have heard it but it's then that I see it, multiple smoke cloud in the sky "Thats home" I yelled as I grabbed my gun and some water as I began sprinting back to town. I got there and looked on, I couldn't believe what I was seeing as I fell to my knees. The town was on fire and there were people running..WAIT someone is being attacked. I scope in to see a man being attacked by a...I don't know what that is, it looks like an animal but it's pure black, with red eyes and wearing next to nothing but I shoot to soon and only end up grazing the it's shoulder, but it seems like that was enough to scare it away. 

I run to the man shouting "Hey are you okay" I quickly run to him and give him some water "Yeah" he said " i'm fine thanks to you. He looked to be in his thirties and was by no means built up but he wasn't a twig " That thing isn't human, it has massive strength and when I locked eyes with it I...I couldn't move" he says. "listen man it's okay" I try to comfort him but he jumps up and runs and says "Thanks for the help kid but I got to get to my family" I can only wave back and then I realize I have to get home as well. As I run to my house I see more fires and people being attacked and for some reason wet slapping noises, I wish I could help them but I need to get home then get the hell out of the city.

But as I run a girl steps in front of me and I stop, "HALT HUMAN" she pracitcally screams it " You must stop and lay with me" wait what is this girl saying first of all she's dressed like an egyptian and she wants me to "lay" with her, I assume she means sex. "Thanks but no thanks" I say as I try to run past her but as I run she grabs my arm and throws me back, "what that hell was that" I think "this girl's head only reaches my shoulders and yet shes that strong?" Its then that I raise my fists, she smiles "Good, I love getting some exersice before a meal" a meal? What? Anyway it's clear that If I want to get past her i'll have to fight her, I could go a different way but it's way longer and I could run into more....monsters and I have to decide before she decides for me.

Well that was the first part, tell me what you think and any changes you would make or if you want to see anything, until next time.