I decide it's best to fight this girl, if I run she'll probably just follow me plus even though she's strong she's small and probably light. I run at her, aiming for her neck but she hits me before I can hit her well since she has paws it was more of a slap. I get blown right into a wall and she smiles " well that was quick, lets hope you last longer in bed" she says, Bed? last longer? What is she talking about, it's then I realize I have a gun why am I fighting with my fists. I can't see where she knocked my gun, it's then I see she's really fast and quickly closing the gap between us. I quickly roll out of the way and spring onto my feet, I then see my gun lying on the ground on the other side of the road. I run as fast as I can towards it with her right on my heels, I quickly grab the gun and point it at her "Hands up now, get on the ground" I scream but she just looks at me confused then smiles lewdly "oh my" she says " I didn't take you for a top kind of guy". "What?" I say "Get on the ground now or so god help you" "god?" she asks then frowns " I've had enough of gods and their rules and besides look how you're shaking, you wont hurt me". Shit I am shaking, I got caught up in the moment but now im terrified that I might actually have to do something. 

She smiles "Don't worry" she says " I'll make it all better" she walks up to me and gets a little to close for comfort "S-STAY BACK" I scream "I-I-i'll shoot" "no you wont and besides i've never seen that weapon before, I doubt it can harm me" she says flatly. She walks up to me and sweeps my legs, she tries to get on top of me "NOOOOOOOOOO" I shout as i pull the trigger. I take a few second before I open my eyes and realize she's no longer on top of my but rather beside me lying face first on the ground. I slowly move her body only to see a gunshot wound on her forhead. It takes me a few second to realize I killed her and then it takes a few second for the panic to set in. "I killed her" I say "I-I didn't mean to I just..oh god" i collapse to the ground, I feel like i'm going to throw up I have killed plenty of animals but never a person or something that could talk. 

I get up and run as fast as I can towards home " I need to get away from here, far far away so that these things can never reach me". I run past a home and see a man lying on the ground with a woman beside him crying, going against my better judgment I go see if I can help. "What happened?" I ask "I didn't mean to do it" The woman sobs "I just wanted to have a husband" It's then I see the man has a huge gash on his neck, something must have sliced his carotid artery. I then take a step back as I realize the woman isn't human, she's got dog ears and claws. "wait i'm not dangerous" she pleads but I take a took at one of her claws and realize it's covered in blood "please dont" I dont even give her time to finish as I run as fast as my legs carry me, she doesn't give chase she just goes back to crying. 

I finally arrive at my home and I unlock the door. I burst into my garage as that's where all my gear is, the first thing I do is select a pack. It's bewteen an alice pack and while it can carry the most it'll be harder to run with or a large backpack, while smaller it'll be more mobile. I decide to leave the alice pack since I need to get out of here as quick as possible. I fill it up with water, food, ammunition, medicine, first aid kits. everything I need to survive. I walk into my living room and take some family photos and then I see the all to familiar hammer and sickle in a glass case over the table "Wait a minute, why do I have a hammer and sickle just hanging there" I wonder to myself "Oh that's right, dad was a communist" I decide to take it down and open it, the hammer isn't good but the sickle is still sharp so I decide to take it. I go up to my dads old office because I think I remember seeing it's holder up there and after a few minutes of searching I find it. I grab it and put it and the sickle away, it's then I hear a smash and someone coming in.

"hello, is anyone home" a female voice calls out, I take out and grip the sickle as I make my way downstairs. As I make my way down the stairs I see a girl with pure white hair, tanned skin and white fluffy paws, she looks around the living room and I get a good look at her face, she's beautiful almost like she's right out of some book or something. I shake my head, I can't let her looks get me she's still the enemy but she looks so cute I couldn't possibly hurt her so i'll just leave through a window upstairs. I go up the stairs and go to open a window, but I was so deep in thought I failed to realize my uninvited guest was making her way up the stairs. "Hello there" I frezze and slowly turn my head to see the girl right behind me, she was even more beautiful up close. "H-Hello" I say timidly "This is my house, could you leave" she hasn't attacked me yet so maybe I can reason with her. "But it's so nice, and there's a great man in it too" well I guess I can't reason with her. "Listen I have no idea whats going on and all I know is that the city is on fire and people are dying to I have to go" "But it's gonna be really fun soon" she pouts, "That doesn't matter to me I just want to leave" I have to make sure I get out quickly. I turn away and open the window and as I jump out she tries to grab me, luckily she isn't able to find a grip on me and i'm able to get away and run towards the forest but before I get to the forest I see the same guy I saved being attacked by the same monster. I need to leave but is it really good to leave him? Looks like I've got another choice to make.

I hope you enjoyed part 2, leave a comment and tell me what you think of the story thus far and tell me if I should change anything or focus on anything.