Jenny pulls me into the room and shuts the door behind me. "Don't you think you're in too much of a hurry?" I ask   "Nah" she says "I'm just excited to get into to bed" she winks. Looking back it probably wasn't the best idea to agree to let her sleep in the same bed as me but I got caught up in the moment, it's then that I think of a plan. "Oh Jenny i'm going to be in the bathroom for a bit" I say nervously, maybe I can ride out the night in the bathroom "Okay but be quick about it" she sounds a little suspicious. I walk into the bathroom and lock the door, I look around the bathroom and line the bathtub with towels to make it more comfortable. After 20 minutes of trying to get to sleep Jenny knocks on the door "Hey Jack you okay in there? Need some help" she calls out, I just stay silent and sink further into the bathtub and hopes she goes away and then suddenly the door goes flying into the wall "Oh shit" is all I can manage to say as she pulls me out of the tub "There you are silly, you really thought that would you?". she carries me to the bed and pulls me into a warm hug "Isn't this better" she asks "Define better" I whisper, my heart is pounding so fast and I hope her "Insticts" don't kick in. She seems to pick up on my fear "Oh don't worry I won't rape you" she giggles and pulls me in deeper. To be honest her hug is nice, it makes me feel safe, warm and makes all my worries seemingly melt away but I know I can't let myself be beat by a mere hug and thus began the long night of my trying to fall asleep while trying to not be swallowed by her bust and trying to keep her hug from reaching any lower. 

After a few hours like this I realize that I won't be able to free myself from her grip no matter how many times I try and I resign myself to me fate and stop to take a look at her sleeping face, whenever I take a good look at her I can't help but admire her beauty. If this was any other girl I probably wouldn't have put up a fight but something keeps nagging at me, like something isn't right or that something doesn't make sense. I decide to entertain myself with a question "what if this invasion fails or the government fights back" Is what I ask myself, will they kill all the mamono? Enslave them? Put them to work to rebuild the country or make them all go back home?. There is so much I don't know and i'm afraid to know the answers but then I find myself asking myself would I go with them if they had to go. What am I thinking? I belong here, I just met Jenny a few days ago and here I have an easy life with lots of money although who knows what will happen after everything is said and done. From what I can tell mamono fall in love fast or at least choose their mate fast, would she even think of me like that? With these thoughts in my head I finally go to sleep. 

I wake up to find Jenny hasn't let up on her cuddle and that it feels as good as it did when I fell asleep, but I look around and realize someone is on a chair watching us. I start to panic but then figure comes closer and I quickly realize it's Amanda "What are you doing?" I whisper "Oh nothing" She says "Just masturbating" "Oh then thats fin- wait what" I sniff and an unfamiliar odor fills my nose, it's almost dizzying "Oh come on, can't you do that in your own room?" I complain. "Hey i'm a mamono, I need to relieve myself and it was this or raping you and i'm sure you don't want the latter, unless you're into that" she says with a wink "I could also play with you while Jenny has or pinned or-" "Okay okay I get it" I really don't need to hear this especially since I really don't want an erection in this situation. I try to initiate some small talk "So what makes you a mamono? At first glance I thought you were a human with a weird sense of fashion" She points the the various mushrooms on her body "These mushroom give me superhuman intelligence and clarity, they also give me all these wonderfully lewd thoughts. I can also release spores that can put any man into a trance when inhaled" she leans in close to me and whispers in my ear "But don't worry about that, it's more fun to seduce people" she looks at Jenny and speak again "But me and Jenny are both mamono and while we are both patient we do have breaking points, we both do seem to have a lot of self control but eventually you'll have to satisfy both of us" she smiles lewdly "Yeah we'll see about that" I retort.

It seems our conversation was loud enough to wake Jenny "Oh hey guys, good morning" she yawns. "Good morning" me and Amanda say in unison, "Just remember we don't have time to waste, we will east, freshen up then leave as soon as possible" I say since I don't want to stay in the same place for too long "Oh you're no fun" Amanda says "What's the harm in staying for a while, i'm sure we could find so many fun things to do here" she walks up to me and puts a hand on my chest "All kinds of things" she trails off. Jenny grabs my and hugs me, sending my face straight into her clevage "If anyone is going to do fun things with him it's going to be me, he already loves me right Jack?" I try to mumble for air but it goes nowhere "See Amanda? He said he loves me" Jenny says "Actually I think wants air" Amanda says. Jenny looks down to see my growing ever so slightly blue face and gasps "Oh no i'm so sorry" she says as she releases and I take in air at last "No worries but we should leave soon", "Again with this? I'm telling you tha-" Amanda is cut short by a blood curdling scream. We all look at each other and I quickly grab my weapon "Okay, time to leave now" Amanda and Jenny nod their head "Hold my hands" Amanda says " I can teleport us to the car" we grab onto Amanda's hands and in a split second we at beside the car as we get into the car and start the engine, I then see who made the scream. It's a middle aged man bleeding profusely out of his arm and back and as i'm about to go out and help then man a sword suddenly comes out from his chest and he drops to the ground, I then see that the killer is a knight covered in armour with a red cross on his chestplate and it takes him few seconds to notice us. He looks at us for a few seconds then charges at us, it takes me about five seconds for me to grab my rifle, scope in and shoot a bullet straight throught his head.

I'm about to floor it when Amanda suddenly gets out of the car "Amanda what are you doing? Get back in the car" I yell at her "I need to get something real quick" she shouts back as she starts feeling up the corpse for something. As soon as she finds something she teleports back into the car and hands me a medallion of some sort, it's a simple metal medallion with some kind of glowing white crystal in the center of it. "What's this for?" I ask "It's a special medallion that protects to wearer from demonic energy, you know? The stuff that can turn a human into a monster?" she explains "Y-yeah" that's the only thing I can say I begin to drive out of the city. It's been about thirty minutes and no one has said a word so I figure it's about time to ask some questions " So I have some questions I want to ask the first being, do you have any idea who that was?" At first there was silence but then Amanda spoke up "He was part of a religious radical group called the order, I think I mentioned it. They are devoted to killing all mamono in the name of the chief goddes". "Damn that's pretty harsh, is there a reason why this conflict started or is it just for the sake of fighting?" I don't think they liked that question because all Amanda could say was "Mamono weren't always the way they are now" the way she said that put me off from pushing that question further. "Okay well one more question for now, Jenny said how you guys have our military and government occupied, but what about other countries militaries? Some countries have powerful weapons like nukes". Jenny takes no hesitation in answering the question "Oh that? We know about your nukes, what we did was as soon as we all entered this world we sent in slimes and other mamono to dissolve the nukes and not just one country but every country that has nukes. Also don't ask me about how it works because I don't understand it either.". I wasn't expecting that answer to say the least "Well okay at least now we don't have to worry about nuclear war.".

We engage in small talk for another 25 minutes until I realize we are now driving in a forest. "That's odd, there was never a forest here" I say cautiously "Are you sure, maybe you just never came down here" Jenny said. "Trust me I've been down this way many times and there has never been a forest, it was all just farmland". I slow down a but, more and more I get this feeling that we're being watched up until we his a snag. "Okay now how did this get here?" Is all I can manage to say as it seems like a lake has just popped up out of thin air, I get out of the car and realize that the roads leading left and right have been destroyed and that it would be impossible to have to car go down either road. I take another look at the new lake and realize there is a long and narrow bridge leading from one side of the bridge to the other "Why don't we go around" Jenny asks "It'll take to long and I don't want to go back into town for even a minute" sadly the car wouldn't be able to cross the bridge but we need to keep moving forward "Okay guys as much as this sucks we're going to have to walk so lets get as much supplies out of the car and leave the rest". Amanda suddenly speaks up "We can bring it all, I can shrink it down and put it in this little box" she then procceds to shrink a crate of water bottles to the size of a cube and place it in the box "I'm not even going to say anything" Amanda takes about five minutes till all of our supplies are in the box "what about the car? Can't you shrink that down?" I ask "Sorry but it's too big" she says lewdly "Damn, oh well lets get on the bridge then". 

We get on the bridge and as soon as I put my foot on it I feel like someone is watching us but I need to cross this lake to get to the next city of Edson, there we can get more supplies, maybe a car and then we can make our way to Edmonton. With these thoughts in my head I keep moving forwards towards the other side of the bridge.

Well that was part 5. Sorry for being away for so long but the next chapter won't take nearly as long. As always tell me what you think.