"arghh" I moan as I wake up "what happened?" all I remember is crossing the bridge then a massive headache then everything went black. "You're awake" Jenny comes into views and jumps on me, I instantally feel better from her cuddle but I quickly squirm away as I remember what she can do. " What happened?" i ask again "Some mothman tried using some kind of magic on you but it went haywire and instead of putting you in a trance it gave you a headache"se explains, "Whats a mothman?" "well it's a mamono thats like a moth, I thought the name was self explanitory" fair enough it was a stupid question. "oh and don't worry we still have all our stuff and the mothman apologised" she points to a tree where who I assume is the mothman is hiding behind "I-i'm sorry" she says meekly "I didn't know you had  wife" I take a better look at my surrounding and realize i'm laying on the ground with some clothes being used as a pillow. I'm tempted to yell at the mothman but for now i'm to sore to care "It no skin off my back, and she's not my wife, she a byproduct of this situation that I can't seem to shake" "Hey, that's not nice" she pouts and suddenly the mothmans eyes light up "S-so I can still have you?" she asks " No" me and Jenny say it at the same time "listen bug" "my name is Veronica" it seems like she took offence to being called bug "okay Veronica while she's not my wife she's deadset on becoming my wife and I'd rather not have to drag someone else around" her eyes turn to the ground "oh i see, thats okay but before I go you should really claim him because the more agressive mamono are going to find him soon since his spirit energy shines so bright" she flies away.

"well you heard her" Jenny's eyes light up "time to claim you", I jump up which only worsens my headache "ouch, nope not gonna happen, we're going to spend an hour resting then we are getting back on the road since I want tp set up camp on the outskirts of whitecourt" "I was only joking, sort of" she shrugs it off. I spend the next hour taking advil and a nap but I wake up to an unexpected suprise. She gives me some kind of knife, I take it and give her a confused look "It's a mamono weapon, it doesn't kill but it draws out spirit energy so it's good if you don't want to kill your opponent" "Uh thanks but I thought only men had spirit energy" I question "Just be quiet and take it". We get back on the road and I start asking her more questions "So Jenny I have some more questions and the first one being how long will this invasion be?" she looks up and says "well forever I suppose, our goal is to become part or your society" I pause for a moment "Well if that if true you're doing a terrible job at that, you lot have destroyed and killed who knows how many "Hey it's no our fault, we don't want to kill but sometimes the stronger ones or the ones with claws make mistakes and people get hurt, or killed" she looks away "Okay next question, what about our government, if you think our government is going to let all this slide sorry but you've got another thing coming and it won't be peace". "We know that, currentally our leader should be in talks with your government and we do plan to compensate your country for the damages we caused". "Okay but even if that does happen i'm sure a lot of people have suffered and odds are people are going to want blood, or some kind of vengeance" "well we'll figure that out when we get there"

I check the time and it's five o clock, damn I must have been sleeping for quite some time " Hey look we're at the end of the woods" she shouts but I put my hand over her mouth and make us both get down "quiet, we don't know the situation here" luckily i'm on a hill with lots of cover and a perfect view of the town, I scope in and take a look around. It's odd, there isn't a single human or manono in the streets and nothing looks damaged it's almost like the entire town vanished. I then see something come out of a bar, no wait two people wait nevermind it's two mamono. I take a look at them, one is a girl with purple hair, a green suit and a large green hat with ace's, spades etc. The other girl looks like a pink rabbit with a pink suit. "Hey Jenny take a look, what kind of mamono are those two?" I give her the gun and tell her where to look "The green one is a mad hatter the the pink one is a march hare and while mad hatters and more reasonable the march hare is always in heat" she then smacks her head "This town must have been attacked by the mamono in wonderland and they were all taken back to wonderland" "Wonderland?". "It's another dimension" she says "Oh great the more the merrrier", I take the gun back and follow their movements but they stop as soon as I lay eyes on them again. The mad hatter then looks straight at me, she can't possibly see me right? She then says something to the march hare and her eyes light up "hey Jenny" "Yeah?" "I think we should run" I say a little panicked "Why?" she asks.

The mad hatter then points at our direction and the march hare takes off like a bat straight out of hell "Oh yeah we're leaving" I quickly stand up and grab Jenny's wrist and we start running "Wait Jack" She stops "What are you doing?" I ask "she'll be here any second". "We can't out run her so our only option is to somehow reason with her-" she stops talking as the hare reaches us. Up close like all mamono she is beautiful but somehow different, probably because of her flushed cheecks and the large amounts of fluids dripping down her legs among other things. "H-Hello" she says Jenny grabs my arm "This man is taken" she growls and while usually I would disagree but i'll make an exception this one time. She sniffs me "He doesn't smell claimed but lucky for you Amanda said she wanted you, she just sent me up to make sure you don't run" she winks. Her mad hatter friend walks into view "Thanks Jaime, I saw a man in the building beside the bar that looks perfect for you "Thanks Amanda, I'll leave the rest to you" she runs off into town to find some poor guy. The mad hatter looks me up and down then walks towards me only to be stopped by Jenny "He's mine, back off" "Oh my there's no need to be hostile, I just wanted to know if either of you wanted some tea" she pulls a teapot and teacups out of nowhere "No thanks " I'd rather not find out what kind of stuff these lot drink. "Oh thats a shame and here I thought this would be easy" she smirks "The tea was laced with a toxin that only immobilizes humans" "You are telling me this why?" I ask "Well thats because I want you to trust me" she talks the whole time over Jenny's shoulder "Yeti, tell me what would it take for you to share this man, I can feel he has more than enough spirit energy for the both of us" "well first off odds are the second you get near him you'll take him to wonderland and then-" the mad hatter cuts her off "Don't worry Yeti, I have no desire to take him away from you" she gets past Jenny and then walks up to me, about an inch away from my nose "I can tell going with him will be interesting in more ways than one, plus I can use magic of all kinds among other things so I won't be a burden"

I pull Jenny aside "So will this girl rape me straight away or will she wait like you?" "Mad hatters are very calm and collected so she won't rape you off the bat but how patiant they are varies from hatter to hatter". "I can hear everything you two are saying but you should also know I can also get my own food" she pulls a piece of cake out of nowhere "I can teleport, heal, whatever you want" she winks at me and I feel my face grow hot. T-that's great and all but Jack has me and i'm enough right Jack?" I look at her and back at the hatter "Of course you are Jenny" she smiles "But her magic would help and I am very curious about what her magic can do" Jenny looks defeated "But but I'm enough aren't I?" I pull her into a hug, which probably wasn't the best idea "of course you are but we have no idea what is ahead of us and her magic can really help, how about this when we can go to bed you can cuddle me as much as you want" she light up at this "Okay" she says all to excitedly "Ok uh what was your name again? Amanda?". "Yes, it's Amanda, nice to meet you both" "likewise" I say "now lets get into town, maybe some stuff was left that we could use" "Alright, lets go" Jenny says as she practically starts skipping down the hill "Jack, you don't realize what it means when you hug a yeti, do you?" "Hmmm? It's a hug, what could it possibly mean?" she whispers in my ear "Wait what? But it's just a hug, how could it have those implications?" she just giggles "Our world works in mysterious ways" "well then, oh by the way Jenny said you all probably brought the people of this town the wonderland, is that true?" "yes it is" she says "So this way they can't escape and so that they are stained by wonderland, I should bring you there sometime i'm sure you'll love it and if you don't at first don't worry you will, they always do" "Heh, anyways will you ever bring them back? I ask "Well if your government ever demands them back and our leaders comply we will bring them back but only if they want to come back, trust me when I say that it's a hard place to leave after you've seen and felt it".

We walk into town and there really isn't anyone here, it's a ghost town. "Here is what I think we should do, we will spend a while searching for supplies and then we will all spend the night in that in, that was we can all have our own room" Jenny grabs my arm "Nice try but remember what you said, tonight I get to cuddle you for as long as I want" she's got some dopey grin on her face "Oh yeah, I forgot" I try to play it off "anyways lets search for a bit and see what we can find but lets stick together". "Oh I forgot to tell you two something important" Amanda suddenly speaks up "Ok, what is it?" I ask "Well Jenny will know what i'm talking about but the Order crossed into your world around the same time as we did" Jenny grabs my arm and shoves her face into it. "The Order? What's that?" "It's a religious organization led by the chief god that want to rid the world of monsters and all who support them, while they have only been spotted in the province you call british columbia we should still be on our guard in case they make their way here because if they spot us they'll do everything in their power to kill us". "Okay good to know, now lets get searching". We spend the next three hours searching and bringing out new found supplies in front of the inn and by the time we are done it's 7 o clock "Okay nice work lets see what we got". We found 6 small crates of water, flare guns, non perishable food, ammunition for guns we don't have, a car with the keys and a full tank of gas and among other things. "Great job guys and since we have the car we can bring all this stuff with us" after going through everything it's half past eight "It's getting pretty late so we should probably go to bed" Jenny suddenly light up "Great idea Jack, lets go get our room" she says as she drags me inside. Somehow all the room keys are still there, we get our key and give Amanda the room next to ours "Have fun you two" Amanda says as she enters her room and all Jenny can do is smile as she drags me into our room. Looks like it's going to be a long night. 

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