"Fuck it, I saved him once might as well save him again" I scope in and aim, I'll fire a warning shot it scared her off once it should scare her again. I take my shot but it looks like it hit her arm, only scraping it but enough to piss her off "Oh shit she's coming for me" I say to myself in shock "Oh shit not again" I take off into a sprint to late, she grabs my shirt and throws me right into the other guy. I hit him right as he got back up and we're both on the ground again, "What should we do?" I ask "I don't suppose you have a dog whistle?" I stare back at him " What? she's like a dog". "Hey boys" she shouts "maybe you should focus more on me and less on each other" "excuse me but this is a private conversation" I shout back. " Maybe you shouldn't provoke her" "where's the fun in that?" I ask. She runs at us again and I line up another shot "NO" he yells as he suddenlly pulls out another weapon and shoots her with it, after a few shots she slows down and eventually falls over. I wonder what he did but I realize that he's holding a tranquilizer gun, \

"That came in handy" he said "No kidding, so whats your name?" "Mason" he says "and you" "Jack" I say as we shake hands and I ask a question "You said you were looking for your family, did you find them" He looks down "No, they weren't there but there was a massive hole in my house and blood on the wall" it looks like he's holding back tears. "Mason, as long as there we're no bodies there is still hope" "I know but what if they were taken, or eaten or something worse" he collapses " Listen man" I try to comfort him" Your family would want you to be strong, as long as you haven't seen the bodies they could still be out there waiting for you" "yeah yeah" he says weakly " maybe they went to my moms, she lives nearby" "sounds like a start to me" I smile " thanks Jack, I hope we meet again". He runs off running back into town, I hope he finds his family as I know all too well the pain of losing someone you love.

With that out of the way I check the time, it's 2 o clock "damn, time really fly's when you're fighting for your life" I head back into the woods. I figure I'll spend one more night in the woods, after that I'll make my way through the woods to the next town over and i'll see the situation there. I spend the rest of the day making traps around my campsite, nothing major just noise traps that will wake me if set off and a small pitfall here and there. I go to bed with a knife under my pillow for good measure but it takes me a good two hours to fall asleep. I wake up groggy and unaware, I must have slept in early and as I try to get up my heat starts to beat fast " Oh shit" I whisper as I realize that something is binding my arms. I slowly open my eyes to find that white haired girl from yesterday cuddled beside me, now normally I would have screamed but I figured it would be best not to wake her up. But after my initial panic I realize the cuddle feels nice, it's warm and cozy and somehow makes me feel relaxed almost as if her fur or whatever it is was made for this. But regardless I have to find a way out of here before she wakes up, it try squirming down but to no avail, she's got me in tight. I look up at her, admiring her beauty and getting lost in her eyes.

Wait what? eyes? Oh shit she's awake. "Hello there" she smiles "Oh shit" I yell as I jump back and try to get away from her " wait don't run" she grabs onto my waist "please don't run I just want a husband". Wait did I hear her right, she said she wanted a husband "A-a husband?" " Yes a husband and I want you to be my husband" she says cheerfully. I really can't tell if she's serious or not "Wait im not getting this, why did you come here looking for a husband and why do you think i'll just agree to this?" "wellllll" she sounds confused " it's just how we've always done it and you're really cute too" she trails off " Don't you think i'm cute" she looks at my with puppy dog eyes. It's then I realize there is no right answer, on one hand I say yes and then she'll keep pushing this husband thing and on the other hand if I say no she might get mad and I don't want to find out if she's as strong as the other two monsters i've run into. "it's not that you're not cute " I say picking my words carfully " It's just that around here it takes a long time for marriage, it's not something you rush into" "that's okay, I'm patiant I can wait" she smiles again. Man that's the cutest smile i've ever seen, I shake my head. "Ok so why me for a husband then?" I figure I might as well feed my ego a bit "well you're cute, strong, clearly you're reliable and you have strong spirit energy" I smile but then ask "spirit energy? whats that?" I ask " Oh thats one of the ways we get energy" she giggles "Okay, so how does one get this spirit energy?" she looks down at my crotch and winks"

"Nope nope nope nope nope" I repeat as I leave to tent and grab my stuff "Wait" she says " I don't want that, well not yet anyways and besides won't you get lonely" " No I won't and I don't need some girl who might suck me dry 24/7" well thats a lie, in any other scenario i'd love it but now is not the time "Then I won't touch you, I'm strong, I can cook and with me around other mamono might not attack because they'll think you're claimed" she sounds desperate "please, I just don't want to be alone anymore" I stop and look her dead in the eyes "You've got one minute to convince me" "YES, ok just listen" she says " With me around other mamono might not attack, I know everything about other mamono while you clearly don't know anything, I have also have enhanced hearing, strength and stamina so I can do almost anything" she ends it with puppy dog eyes. I look away because I might get lost in those eyes, but she does have a point and if things get dire I can always ditch and leave her. "Okay monster, you can come along but you obey everything I say and you don't try anything funny, got it?" "YAY" she squeals as she grabs my arm and pushes it into her clevage "You won't regret it, i'm Jenny by the way" I yank my arm out of her clevage, it felt good somehow " My name is Jack, nice to meet you".

I pack up everything else in the campsite and turn to her "Here carry this" I give her the tent, sleeping bag and portable stove. "Okay" she say gleefuly as she takes the supplies "So where are we off to first?" "First we need to get through this forest, it should only take four or so hours and I want to see the situation in the other town" I say "Oh I know what happened, some monster attacked and everyone got raped" she almost sound happy about it "Wait what...oh right, that's how you extract the spirit energy but to me it sounds like a lame excuse to have sex" "Well you'll just have to deal with it" she sticks out her tounge jokingly "Even if everyone In that town is gone I still need to get past it to get to Edmonton" "Edmonton?" she askes. "Edmonton is the capital of the province, if there is any kind of hope of resistance it'll be there but if it's already fallen i'll make a dash for the border but the problem is that the town over is Whitecourt which is over a river and of course I need to pass a bridge for that" "well whats the problem with that? she asks. "The problem being is that it's a long bridge with no cover and if we get caught there I might not be able to escape but either way lets get moving" "By the way what kind of monster are you Jenny?" "I'm not a monster i'm a mamono" she pouts " I'm a yeti and where i'm from i'm best known for my cuddles, did my cuddle feel good?" I feel a blush creeping up and look away "I'll take that as a yes" she smiles straight at me. 

"So was this invasion random or was it planned" I ask "Oh it was planned for months" she explains " Months ago witches in Lescatie found a portal to your world and sent spies in, once they found out how many men where here they knew that we had to invade. The plan was for our fighters to seal off ways of escape and other mamono like me to take over smaller town like yours and turn them into demon realms". "Demon realms" I ask "Yes demon realms, they are monster controlled areas that have monster energy lingering in them and the span from dark realms to bright green realms but the mamono in charge only wants bright green demon realms for now". "Okay but what about our military, we are very advanced and something like this is an act of war" she winks " We had a plan for that as well, we found all the military bases and incased them within unbreakable barriers but don't worry we will bring in food and supplies as needed".

"Get down" I say quickly "what is it?" she asks "take a look" I say pointing to the bottom of the hill " There are multiple mamono with weapons, I count at least 20" I see ones that look like reptiles, massive warrior women, ones that look like animals and the list goes on. I scope in and see they are making a base of sorts and I realize we'll have to go around. "wait" she says "we can walk right through" "Are you crazy, they'll attack me as soon as they see my" "No they won't" she assures me "mamono don't steal others husbands so as long as I say you're mine and you play along they won't do anything, but it would be easier if we had sex since that's the best way to claim a man" "well thats not happening" I say flatly. "I know but they also have enhanced hearing and smell so going around will take too long so trust me" I look at her and decide for whatever reason to take a leap of faith "Fine whatever but i'm blaming you if anything goes wrong" "Ok" she smiles "Lets go". We walk down the hill and the mamono spot us "HALT" yells some kind of lizard man "State your business" "I'm just walking to the next town with my husband" Jenny smiles, she enjoying this way to much. The lizard man sniffs the air " He doesn't smell claimed" the lizard man looks me up and down and licks her lips, my heart rate rises " Yeah I know , we haven't had sex yet because he wants to take it slow" " Well then prove he's yours then" the other lizard man says. "Hold on" I almost stutter " what do you mean by prove" but before I can ask anymore Jenny pulls me into a deep kiss, as our lips connect her tounge explores my mouth, tasting every inch.

I can feel myself getting warmer, almost losing myself in the kiss as my head starts to spin and it's almost like i'm in my own world and as i'm about to return the kiss the lizard man pulls us apart. "alright i've seen enough you guys can pass though I just stand there in a daze as Jenny giggles and grabs my arm and pulls me though the camp, " I guess you enjoyed the kiss as much as I did" she whispers " I can't even respond i'm still trying to gain my senses back and get rid of this erection. I get my senses back as soon as we leave the camp and I say " You do not to that without me permission I do not need you taking advantage of me when i'm in that state" and all she can do is giggle. But really though I can't believe it was that effective and not to mention Jenny tasted amazing, if i'm not carful I could get addicted to that. While i'm in the middle of thought Jenny speaks up " Something I forgot to mention is that there are no real male mamono, so to find a mate all mamono have superhuman pleasure and just brushing up against us can give you pleasure" she says giving me a sultry look "G-Good to know" I say as I blush and look away. We spend the next two hours talking about home and stuff I tell her my story and she grabs my hand as I finish and tells me It's okay and she tells me about how she grew up in the snowy mountains of some place called zipangu or something.

Before I know it we reach the end of the forest much to my relief and I decide to take a quick break and eat some granola bars and I also give some to Jenny. But as i'm eating I can't help but feel as i'm being watched " Hey Jenny quick question, are we being watched" she looks up at me " Well there are mamono all around so it's hard to tell but odds are at least one mamono is watching us or more likely watching you, but don't worry I won't let anything take my husband" I roll my eyes and continue eating but its then that I see something rustle in the trees and I bring up my rifle. "Who's there?" I yell "Come out and show yourself" " Jack calm down whoever it is probably is just curious" even if that's the case I decide to pack up and make our way across the bridge, if there is someone watching me odds are they might show themselves if i'm out in the open. I quickly walk across the bridge only to suddenly get some kind of headache and at first it's nothing but it quickly gets worse and worse, it's not long before I'm left screaming in pain on the ground " JACK whats wrong" Jenny keeps asking but i'm in too much pain to answer. Before I know it I black out but before I do I catch a glimpse of something with wings coming right at us and then everything goes black.

Well i hope you enjoyed part three, I tried making it longer than the last two as per request. As always tell me what you think and tell me if you have any requests or want something added to the story