"Let go of him already boulder brain, I saw him first!" The Wyvern shouts, pulling on my arm. "No, I did you over sized chicken!" The Wurm yelled, yanking on my other arm. "S-Shut up! I am not an over sized chicken! Y-you snake!" They continue to argue, while they repeatedly yank on my arms. Why did this have to happen to me?

"Let's see here..." I state out loud whilst checking my stock of ingredients for potions. "Hey, Lilly, we're running out of some herbs." I turn to her "And we are running a little low on money, so I'll be looking for them myself today. Mind keeping an eye on the shop for today?" Turning enthusiastically towards me with a large grin across her face. "Of course Boss, I'd be glad to!" I chuckle a little at her. "As enthusiastic as ever Lilly. Just try not to break the merchandise as much this time, okay?" she sighs out an "okay" as I take my leave, heading towards the mountains.

Finally arriving to my destination after around an hour of travel, I get ready to set out on my search. Let's see... I begin to flip through a small notebook of what I need to collect. "how did we go through so much of that..? Well, that doesn't matter at the moment, let's get going." I close the book, heading into the forest. a couple hours pass and I have about three fourths of what I need. "Damn, I didn't expect this to take this long." I sigh as I approach a cliff, stopping to take in the vast, awe inspiring sky. It's quite beautiful as always. Huh? What's that? I squint, in an attempt to get a better look at the flying object in the sky. Is that a bird? No, its too big to be that. Wait, is it flying towards me? My eye widening upon realizing what is diving down towards me. "It's a Wyvern... I think I might be late getting back to the shop, but this might be fun." Grinning ear to ear I turn around quickly, and begin to run back into the forest.

I cut through a large patch of bushes darting left and right to avoid the trees, as the Wyvern quickly soars towards me easily dogging the trees. Making it to a clearing in the trees I turn my head to see how close she is. During this moment she attempts to tackle me, only to barely miss, as I jump out of the way. I laughed loudly. "I was right, this is gonna be fun!" I stand up as quickly as possible and bolt off in another direction, barely catching a glimpse of the Wyvern's bewildered look that was plastered all over her face. Damn, I got lucky there.

What's with this guy shouting out complete nonsense? And what's up with that eye patch? I dart left and right, dodging the trees, as I chase after him. Most men would be running out of fear, or out of just not wanting to get married. But he's doing it out of enjoyment? He's even grinning like a Cheshire Cat. The man, approaching a steep hillside, continues at full speed. Is he crazy!? He'll get hurt, or worse if he keeps on going like this! As I get to the hillside I notice he disappeared without a trace. "Where did he go!?" frantically looking around the area, I see a small entrance to a cave rather close by, with his hand slipping inside of it. "Damn, there's no way I can fit in there with my wings..." sighing I fly upwards, into the sky. I'll just have to wait for him to come out. After all, he can't stay in there forever.

Letting out a sigh of relief, I relax for a moment catching my breath. "Wow, that was a close one. Guess I am a bit rusty." I let out a small chuckle. "Well, this is pretty fun though. I haven't done anything this challenging in years. I'm surprised I am still capable of getting away, even if it was partly due to luck." I look around the cave. Maybe I should look around a little, might even find another exit. Getting up I wander deeper into the cave. "This is really damn dark.." I say as I trip over a rock, my hand landing on something soft. What am I touching? narrowing my eye I notice what looks like a Lamia's body, but with much Larger scales. "Things just got worse for me didn't they..."

Hmm..? What's this feeling..? Is someone touching my stomach..? Groggily, I open my eyes, to see a man touching my stomach. "Hey there, handsome, couldn't hold back so you're trying to seduce me?" I giggle looking up and down his body, as I get up. "Oh my, you're really good looking. I can't wait to-" The man just grinned and ran off in the opposite direction "Playing hard to get, huh? Oh, I like that a lot." I get up pursuing him as fast as possible, bursting through stalagmites, stalactites, and parts of the cave walls attempting to catch him. After some time we reach a small entrance to the cave, and he quickly tries to get through it. "That won't stop me easily!" I smile with confidence, knowing that I will get him.

Barely managing to get out, I tumble down the hillside as the Wurm crashes through the entrance to the cave. "See I told you it wouldn't stop me easily!" I regain my footing as she quickly charges at me to catch me, as I catch a glimpse of the sky noticing a familiar figure diving down towards the ground. Looks like there both gonna get me. I let out a laugh as they both tackle me, knocking me onto the ground. "Got you!" they both shout simultaneously. "What do you mean, by 'got you' Wurm? He's mine, so let go." The Wyvern states coldly. "What do you mean he's yours!? He's mine!" The Wurm shouts. I think this might continue on for a while if I don't step in.

"Let go of him you scaled Worm!" The Wyvern shouted, tugging on my arm more. "Girls-" I try to intervene but to no avail. "I already know I'm a Wurm how is that an insult?" the Wurm tilted her head in confusion, while pressing her breasts into my arm "Girls-" I try once more but didn't get to them. "Not Wurm, I mean Worm! W! O! R! M!" the Wyvern tries to explain what she meant to the Wurm. "Girls, calm down!" I shout, finally succeeding at getting them to stop, as they both look at me slightly confused. "Why don't we just sit down and talk for a bit okay?" they nod and rest on the grass. "Okay, what are your names? I'm Drake by the way." I look at the two of them, the Wurm speaks up first. "Rosalind." Then the Wyvern. "A-Alison." I smile at them both. "Alison, Rosalind, it's nice to meet both of you."

We sit for a moment, in silence, until Alison decides to speak up. "Well? Are you gonna pick one of us?" she states plainly. "Yeah, are you going to pick me!? You should pick me!" Rosalind says with a hopeful look on her face, and a wide smile gripping my arm tightly. "He should pick me Snake, after all, I saw him first." Alison says boldly. "No, I saw him first! And my name isn't Snake, it's Rosalind!" She lets out a loud humph and pouts. "I-I know that!" Alison says, slightly shaken by Rosalind's Pouting. They both seem to be sweet girls, I should really pick one. But... I look at them, they both are hoping for me to pick them specifically. I sigh and grin at both of them. "I am probably going to regret this a bit, but I choose both of you." The two girls taken aback from my decision, they look at me, and then each other, with a surprised, wide eyed look.

After a few moments of silence, they the whispered to one another, then looked at me deviously. "Are you sure you can handle both of us, big guy?" Alison says, smirking, whilst eyeing my body head to toe. "If you can't, we might be upset with you, Handsome." Rosalind says eyes filled with lust. Looking at them both with determination in my eye, and smirk "damn right I can." I state as boldly as I can. Their faces light up with a boiling lust, as they quickly strip me, getting a clear look at my scars. They both looked a little concerned as they trace each scar with their eyes. "Don't worry about that right now, I'm fine." I smirk at them both "So let's have some fun." They both smiled lustfully, and continue as planned. Needless to say, the next couple of hours were rather rough for me, with both of them riding me as vigorously as they can until we pass out.

I open up my eye. "How long was I out?" I say still half asleep. After rubbing my eye and stretching, I look at the two girls snuggled up next to me. Looks like my life is getting a tad bit more interesting again huh? Definitely going to have more on my plate with both of them, as well as Lilly. I sigh, standing up and looking at the horizon. "looks like the sun is about to set. Better wake them up and talk to them." I crouch down, placing a hand one the top of their heads and begin to mess with their hair. "Hey, wake up you two! Rosalind, Alison, come on and get up!" I say loudly. They both start to groan and get up. "What is it Lover?" Alison says, yawning and stretching. "Yeah, honey, I was just having good dream." Rosalind says partially asleep. "We're heading to my home in town. I still have a shop to look after, so you two are coming with me." I say smiling at them. "You have a shop?" Alison and Rosalind ask curiously. "Yep! I'll tell you more on the way so let's get going!" I pick up the mostly full bag of herbs I was collecting and start to make my way back, with Alison and Rosalind quickly getting up to follow me.

"What kind if shop do you run?" Alison asks, running up beside me. "An Alchemy shop, I've been running it for about six years now." "Ah, so my lover is an Alchemist?" She says smiling at me. I chuckle "Yes, I am." Rosalind presses up against me "What about your scars?" she asks slightly concerned. "Yeah, and the eye patch?" Alison follows up on Rosalind's question with another. I let out a slight sigh before talking "I was a mercenary before setting up shop, actually. I was part of a small group of some really damn tough men and women, who tried to help out Mamono. Normally, no one got severely hurt, not even our enemies. We'd usually knock them out and tie them up." I pet both of their heads "But the last job I went on with my group was different. The guys we were up against were cruel and vicious. I won't go into detail of what they did, but it was horrible. While I was there I was protecting our newest member, Lilly, who is now my apprentice and works at my shop." I place my hand on my right eye. "When protecting her, they got in a few good cuts at me. The first one that got me cut into my eye, the rest were on my body." I sigh and smiled "Luckily nobody on our end of the fight died, but most were severely injured. Lilly was one of the lucky ones who got out of there with just a scratch. And after all of that went down, most of us went our separate ways. Lilly decided to follow me, not sure why though. But she's a very sweet young woman who's clumsy, but does her best to help out." I look at both of them. "And that's pretty much the story." They both give me suspicious looks. "What?" I asked them confused about why they are looking at me like that. "Nothing." They say at the same time. "What? Come on tell me!" I ask feeling even more confused. Did I say something weird? Oh well, no use to fret over it at the moment. "Well, we should be there soon." they both nod as we continue back to the town.

Where in the hell is he? Drake shouldn't be taking this long. I begin to worry as I pace faster in the back of the shop. "He might have gotten himself hurt or maybe something worse happed! I should have went! But I wanted Drake to be proud of me if I didn't break anything while he was out!" I hold my head in my hands. "Ugh, I'm feeling so nervous. Why isn't he back yet?" As I say that, I hear two girls arguing, calling each other names like "Scaled Chicken" and "Pebble Brains". "Looks like we have a couple of costumers fighting again." I sigh to myself heading out into the front of the shop. "Hey!" I shout "No fighting in the shop you-!" I freeze as I see they're fighting over Drake. "Hey, sorry it took so long Lilly. A lot of things happened." Drake starts to laugh to himself. "Break anything this time Li-" I run to him, interrupting what he was about to say with a hug. "Idiot! You made me so worried! It took you hours longer then it usual does!" He hugs me back and just says "Sorry" to me. After a moment of silence he speaks up still holding me with one arm. "Lilly, this is Rosalind and this is Alison. Rosalind, Alison, this is Lilly." I smile slightly "Nice to meet the two of you." Alison grins. "Nice to meet you as well Lilly." Rosalind hugs me and Drake "Nice to meet you too!" She says with a big smile on her face. She lets go a few moments later and I look up at Drake. "Boss what the hell happened while you were looking for herbs?" He scratched the back of his head. "It's a long story. Let me put away what I got and then I'll tell you, okay?" I nod as he goes into the back.

As soon as I returned I gave her the run down of what has happened up until we got here. Lilly sighed "So you got cocky again Boss? And then decided to just fuck them?" I smiled at her while laughing. "Yes, yes I did." she sighed once again and turned to Alison and Rosalind. "Luckily for you two we have guest bedrooms. Here, let me show you them." she started to go the back where the stairs are located, waving to them to come with her. Once they're out of sight I decide to sit down and relax a bit, after this long day. Those three are definitely going to liven up the place. I mean Lilly by herself already livened everything up a lot, but now it's kind of like having three of her. I smirk a little. "Things are definitely going to be changing around here. Can't wait to see what might happen next." I slouch in my chair as soon as I say that. "Honey! there isn't enough room for me in these rooms! And I want to sleep with you" My moment of silence was interrupted by Rosalind shouting to me from upstairs. "N-No fair I want to sleep with him too!" Alison complained. "That's enough, you two!" Lilly said loudly, trying to get them to stop. I yelled back to them, "Don't worry, we'll tear a wall or two down if needed! And you can both sleep with me!" I heard them both shout "Yay!" right as I said that followed by them rushing down the stairs. I got up, as they came bolting around the corner, both of them lunging at me for a hug. They knocked me onto the ground and the three of us laughed, as I held them. I'm glad I got caught by these two.

A/N: Hello everyone this the first story I have ever written so I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. ^_^ Oh, and I'm planning on making more in the near future as well.