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An ice elemental, possessing blue skin and a chilly cold body, that lives in snowy mountains. They are called demi-elementals, which were originally born as monsters. They have the power to control blizzards, and cause men who set foot in snowy mountains to get lost and then invite them to their homes.


While young and in child form, they play nicely with human children. But even during this period, their body will thoroughly memorize the male who will have sex with them in the future and provide them spirit energy.

Men invited back to their homes are treated to meals, etc. and will likely receive a warm reception. Then, in order to gain the man's spirit energy and body warmth, she'll tempt him, seeking intercourse. If he rejects her advances, she'll use her “ice breath” on the man. Their breath contains their demonic energy and has the power to freeze the human heart. With a frozen heart, the man will yearn for another‘s warm touch the same as she does, and then he probably won't be able to help but have sex with the girl before his eyes.

In contrast with their cold exterior, the inside of their body is warm enough to melt ice, and the pleasure generated from there will very easily melt a man's heart, letting him concentrate on indulging in her body. Meanwhile, the yuki-onna's body will absorb the man's heat, and her once cold body will become feverishly hot. Sex changes into something hot and passionate enough to make each other melt.

Furthermore, once they've known the warmth of human skin, they won't easily let a man go. If one tries to escape, he'll likely be sent back to her home over and over by the power of the blizzard she controls. But in the first place, most men who have known devilish intercourse with a yuki-onna will put her before anything else and would probably not do something such as leaving her side.

Also, when they are young, they visit human villages in a child form called “yuki-warashi.” It is said that they mix in and play with human children. The yukiwarashi themselves are not particularly dangerous, but being monsters, even at this time, they are unconsciously looking for a male to become their future husband. In the case of a boy who has intermingled with a yuki-warashi, it is said that there are times when she will return back to the village after growing into a “yuki-onna” to come get him and make him her husband.


  • Hot springs won't harm them, but they will make their minds feel soggy and their bodies hot. Sex will inevitably result if someone they want is there (source: Kenkou’s Japanese Q and A).

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